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Sep 2023 music playlist is a wrap 🎵

I make a new playlist every month and this month I thought I’d like to look back on what’s on it and how that happened!

This playlist is what I looped all month—sometimes shuffled, sometimes not. I don’t remove any but the more egregious mistakes, so it gives me a chance for music to grow on me that I wouldn’t have normally listened to more than once.

Here we go.

This was first onto the playlist because of when it was released. I know of YUI because I used to study Japanese and I used to watch Bleach, and YUI’s music was approachable to a language beginner, but still heartfelt enough. I haven’t been able to enjoy much of anything since FROM ME TO YOU, though, and I’m not sure why.

Looping Kp With Me was not going to work for me, and around this time I was stuck in a long daily commute. I added a few tracks that I can’t help but sing along to.

Round Here hit particularly hard this month. Looping the current month’s playlist leads me to hear the early songs more often and listen more closely and I don’t think I’d done much more than enjoy the chorus to this one before. It stings.

Pistola’s drum solos reminded me of another drum solo that I never found. But in searching the web for “best drum solos” (as aficionados do) I found these songs, neither of which I was all too familiar with. Tom Sawyer’s vocals and lyrics are interesting. I didn’t fall in love with either, though.

More music to get me through the commute. I know Romance ga Ariamaru pretty well because I studied it for karaoke once. 😂

More new releases. I didn’t love Subliminal, but Ting Mong is more of what I needed from Dengue Fever and I was so happy for it to come out.

I needed more Dengue fever, what can I say?

I ran across a reddit thread full of love for Thom Yorke, especially AMSP, and added some of my favorites. Still good. Not as affecting as when they were new, unfortunately, but in my quiet moments, I still hear, “Dreamers… They never learn…”

A recommendation from that didn’t really land, but it was a late addition and I’m considering pulling it forward into October’s list for a second chance.