Tom Lieber's Microblog

Nov 26, 2023

I have a few Wolfram Language articles in the works, though it may be a while before I find the time to finish them!

One is a simple explainer of the Graphics[] API. I recently had a few aha moments when I hunkered down to try to replicate some charting ideas from Tufte’s books. Should be fun and short, with plenty of visuals.

The other is an exploration of real-time audio API. Any software with a real-time audio API deserves a ChucK and I’ve grafted a tiny strong timing module onto this one. The article is gorgeous thanks to all the built-in audio visualizations—the main thing holding me back is I have no convenient way to embed audio, let alone interactive audio. 😂 So I’m on the fence about whether it’s worth publishing at all as an article, or if it should be just be a repo.